Christmas Spades

'Tis the season to play Christmas Spades - your favorite Spades game, just in the holiday spirit! With a fun Christmas background and cards, this Spades game is sure to have you humming carols all year long!

Spades is a game played in teams. The suit of Spades is always trump and cards are ranked from 2 to Ace. Players start the game by making a bid for how many tricks they think they can take in a hand. You must make the combined bid amount with your teammate. When the first card is played in a trick, all players must follow suit, unless they do not have it, whereupon they can play any card they wish. Highest card of the original suit played will win the trick, unless a spade is played, in which the highest spade wins!

After each hand is played, score is tallied. If the bid is reached, ten points are awarded for each bid trick, with 1 point being awarded to over tricks (also known as sandbags). If a bid is not reached, the team loses 10x their bid. If a team reaches 10 sandbags, they lose 100 points and start over again with 0 sandbags. Nil counts as 100 points and double nil counts as 200.

Play Christmas Spades until one of the teams reaches 500 points to win!

Spades Game Strategy

  • Your Spades score is based on your bids as a team, not an individual, EXCEPT when Nil or Double Nil is bid.
  • Spades are always trump. Try to run out of another suit early so you can play your trump cards to take tricks.
  • Try not to underbid in Spades. Those sandbags will sneak up later in the game and make you lose 100 points!
  • Protect your teammate if they bid Nil by throwing high cards at the beginning of tricks or to beat their cards.


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