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Valentine's Day Spades

Fall in love with Valentine's Day Spades - the classic game of spades but with a romantic Valentine twist. Choose from four difficulties easy to expert to play to your ultimate ability.

Spades is a trick taking game where spades are trump and Ace is high. To start out a hand, bid the number of tricks you think you can take. Between your partner and yourself, you must combine to get the total number of tricks you both bid. If this is achieved, your team gets 10x the number of tricks you bet. If this isn't achieved, your team subtracts 10x the amount of tricks bet. Over bets are called sandbags. You add one point per sandbag, subtracting 100 points when you get to 10 sandbags in a game. At the end of each hand, the points are tallied. Team to 500 first wins.

Spades Game Strategy

  • Lead with your strongest card, especially if you have an Ace.
  • If you don't have the suit being played, capture the trick with a spade.
  • If your partner bids Nil, be sure to play aggressively to protect them from taking any tricks.
  • Bidding Nil gets you 100 points, double nil 200 points.


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