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Fall Spades

As the leaves turn and fall to the ground, pick yourself up with a fun exciting game of Fall Spades to remind you of everything great about this season, year round! Fall Spades is played just like a classic Spades game, just with beautiful Fall imagery to invoke the smells and enjoyment of the best time of the year!

Spades is a partnership game where your teammate is across the table from you. Your opponents are on the right and left. Bid with your teammate on the tricks you will both take this spades hand to start the game. Play the hand by following suit and attempting to win all the tricks you bid and possibly blocking all the tricks your opposing team bid. Spades are trump. Once the hand is through, tally your points. First spades team to 500 points wins!


DISCLAIMER: The games on this website are using PLAY (fake) money. No payouts will be awarded, there are no "winnings", as all games represented by 247 Games LLC are free to play. Play strictly for fun.