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Cinco de Mayo Spades

Join the fiesta and enjoy playing Cinco de Mayo Spades - the party game for every day fun. This card game is a fun twist on classic spades.

Begin the Spades game by placing a bid. Your bid will add with your partner's for a total trick number. Play the hand completely and attempt to make all the tricks bid. You must always play the suit laid first, unless you don't have one. Spades are trump and will always wind a trick if the highest or only spade played. Meet the number of bid tricks in the hand and win 10 times the trick number. Don't meet the number and lose ten times the trick number. Bags are Spades overtricks which count only as one point until you reach ten, where they count as negative 100 points. First team to 500 wins.

Spades Card Game Strategy

  • If both teams reach 500 points in the same hand, the team with the highest points wins.
  • If you have a strong hand of Spades, you can play those spades to pull out all other spades in the hand and win big.
  • Protect your partner if they bid nil and play higher cards than you usually would.
  • Throw low cards to try and get your opponents to take tricks if they bid nil.


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