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St. Patrick's Day Spades

Classic Spades is one of the most popular card games around, so why not kick the lucky level up a notch and play themed St. Patrick's Day Spades?! Featuring a St. Patrick's day background theme and cards, you'll add a bit of spice into your every day card game play!

Saint Patricks Day Spades has a fabulous AI which allows you to play against the computer all times of the day. Spades is a partnership game. Your partner is the Spades player across from you. You are considered a team. Spades is played in a series of hands. Each hand is dealt and every player must bid how many tricks they believe their hand can capture using the idea that Ace is high and Spades are trump. The total of you and your partner's bids is now the team's bids. Your team together must now reach that number of tricks during the hand. Each trick a player starts with a suit. You must play that suit if you have it, otherwise you are free to play any other suit, including Spades. You may not start with a spade until it has been broken in this way or it is the only suit you have left. Once the hand is complete, it will be scored. If you reach or exceed your team bids, you will receive ten times the number of bids plus one point for every over trick. If you don't reach your spades bid, you will subtract ten times the bid amount. Another hand will then be dealt and you'll play exactly the same way again. Throughout the course of the game if you receive 10 bags, you will lose 100 points and will start over again at 0 bags. The Spades play continues until one team reaches 500 points.

Card Game Spades Strategy

  • Bidding Nil is a quick way to get 100 points but it is quite difficult to achieve.
  • If you are last to bid and all the other Spades players have high bids you can consider a Blind Nil before you see you cards. If you achieve this, you'll receive 200 points!
  • If you have the Ace of a suit, you can almost always count this as a trick in your favor.
  • Be sure to protect your partner if they bid nil or blind nil. Try to always throw higher cards so they will not be trapped.


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