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Easter Spades

Word on the street is that the Easter Bunny is always playing Easter Spades on his days off! And who can blame him! With a great AI, big fun Easter themed cards, and seamless game play, we'll be playing Easter Spades too!

Easter Spades is a fun themed version of the classic spades game. Easter Spades is a partner game where you are playing with the player across from you at the table. Make a bid on how many tricks your hand will take based on Ace as high and spades as trump. Combine that number with your partner and that is how many tricks your team must make overall in that hand. You must follow the suit that is thrown, and may only play a spade or other suit if you don't have the suit being played. At the end of the hand your tricks are tallied for a score. If you make all the tricks you bid you receive 10 points for each bid trick and 1 point for each over trick. If you do not make all the tricks you bid, you lose 10x the amount you bid. Once your score is tallied, you are dealt another hand. Hands continue until one team reaches 500 points to win the game.

Spades Card Game Strategy

  • 10 over tricks (bags) will result in subtracting 100 points so beware when you are bidding!
  • Bags accumulate throughout the game over multiple hands of Spades.
  • Be sure to protect your Spades partner from getting tricks if they've bid Nil or Blind Nil. These will gain you 100 or 200 extra points if you successfully complete them.
  • You can usually count Aces as trick takers in Spades.


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